New Deformation Apparatus

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This page is created based on the notes that Andreas Kronenberg took during the discussion session at the founding workshop. This is designed to be a kernal that can be added to as plans and discussions evolve with time.

DRAFT New Deformation Apparatus at Synchrotron Beamlines with multiple Scientific Objectives:[edit]

Torsional Shear Apparatus to study:

  • Melt distributions during deformation
  • Frictional Sliding and Physics of Surficial Contacts of rock surfaces and gouges

In-situ 3D + t Imaging of Samples in Triaxial Apparatus to investigate Stress and Strain

  • Large volume Triaxial apparatus for In-situ imaging, mapping, CPO, cracks
  • Following up on Wenlu Zhu’s Triaxial apparatus and X-ray imaging

Large Sample D-DIA

  • Better T, Stress, Strain, and H2O environmental control
  • Imaging and Diffraction
  • Heterogeneity
  • Evolution
  • Transient Creep
  • Strain localization
  • CPO development
  • Ultrasonic detection